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A nonprofit historical and educational organization dedicated to accurate re-creations of history

22nd International Time Line to be held July 12 & 13
at Howe Field, in Wilmington, Vermont.
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Who We Are

The Living History Association (LHA) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Vermont and recognized by the federal government as a tax-exempt Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit historical and educational organization. The LHA was founded in southern Vermont in 1977, and in 1978 was officially incorporated as part of a regionally based reenactment group. After a long membership growth period, the reenactment group and the historical association became two separate corporations with their own directors and objectives. The name Living History Association was officially adopted in 1982.

Departments and Committees Tailored to Your Area of Interest

The LHA is composed of several interpretive departments and committees, which sponsor historical reenactments both here at the LHA Museum and throughout the country. These groups host living history events, ranging from the middle ages through World War II, with volunteers who are dressed in period attire and portray civilian as well as military lifestyles of their given time period. Other committees involve themselves in the administrative areas of the LHA. All members are highly encouraged to participate in any area of interest and will find a host of new friends to assist them in all aspects of this rewarding hobby, from spinning wool to shouldering a musket.


Individuals and organizations who become members of the LHA are entitled to the following benefits:

Although the LHA does not currently provide liability insurance coverage for reenacting units, we can direct you to sources for this insurance. Please contact the LHA for further information.

The Living History Association's Strong Commitments to History Education

Besides providing assistance to hundreds of living history groups across the United States, the LHA sponsors, as well as hosts, living history lectures and workshops. For example, the living history interpretive show about life on the Vermont/Massachusetts frontier in the 18th century is seen by 4,500 people annually. In addition, presentations to Boy Scout Troops average about 1,000 scouts annually. We currently estimate that our educational artifact rental boxes, teacher workshops, and student field trips are impacting 5,000 students per year. Our library and co-operative efforts with historic sites provide a credible and authoritative resource that is available to educators. These programs are an effective addition to pre-established curriculum, and have proven to be exciting and stimulating to those in attendance.

The LHA is also partnering with Elderhostel to provide lecturers for programs exploring the role of Lake Champlain Valley region, as well as southern Vermont, during the time of the American Revolution.

Safety Information Now Available On-Line--updated March 2005

In order to promote safe reenacting practices, the LHA has made available a number of Safety Manuals. LHA Member units are required to distribute the Basic Individual Manual of Safety to their members. Safety manuals for specific time periods--from Medieval through World War II--are also now available. Please note that the LHA Safety and Authenticity Committee continually reviews this information and will update manuals as needed, so you should check back here periodically for updates.

For more information please contact:
Living History Association
PO Box 1389
Wilmington, VT 05363
(802) 368-7913

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